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Medical Informatics Section Program Themes, MLA ‘15

Title: Informatics without Limits

Section Program: 18
Co-Sponsors: Consumer and Patient Health Information Section, Corporate Information Services Section, Hospital Libraries Section, Clinical Librarians and Evidence-Based Health Care SIG, Osteopathic Libraries SIG, Translational Sciences Collaboration SIG
Program Contact Nancy Glassman, AHIP
Program Format: Contributed
Description: The proliferation of electronic resources (informatics tools) has afforded librarians the opportunity to break through the “four walls” of the physical library and engage with users at the point of need. Whether they are connecting virtually with users at remote locations, partnering with health care professionals and students at the point of care, working in the field with the public health workforce, or delving into the lab with bench scientists, librarians are using their informatics skills in new and creative ways. Areas of exploration run the gamut from health information technology (HIT), including patient portals and electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, to big data initiatives.

Top Tech Trends VIII

Section Program: 19
Co-Sponsors: Educational Media and Technologies Section
Program Contact Nancy Glassman, AHIP, and Suzanne Shurtz, AHIP
Program Format: Invited Speaker Panel
Description: Technology trend spotters will speak about the latest issues in technology and provide their opinions and thoughts on their impact on health sciences libraries. This session will be a quick-paced and interesting discussion among the panelists and contributed paper authors, along with the aid of a Google jockey searching and highlighting the topics. Bring your mobile devices and participate in the program online as a Twitter jockey will summarize each panelist’s thoughts, fostering the online discussion.


MIS Meeting